Mobile Network

Remote connectivity empowers both users and businesses to function without a loss of service. Mobile computing to a business empowers the productivity of your operations

At SolveIT Bahamas, we introduce emerging technologies. For instance, a Mobile Network in the business environment.

Future is mobile computing…smartphones and tablets are just elements of it. – Thorsten Heins

Firstly, high speed, secure networking has evolved beyond a Local Area Network (LAN). There are Wide Area Networks (WAN), Wireless Network and more. These frameworks allow access to the Internet and Corporate Networks. Users are more remote using Smartphones, PDA’s, and Tablets. The demand from business owners and executives to stay connected is high. Whether they are spending time at home, traveling for business, or on vacation. But, business owners want to be productive with remote work connections.

Our mobile network solutions service your remote user requests. Users need data in a rapid and secure method. But, they need to avoid unauthorized intrusion from Hacking. We utilize technology to help. For example, Intrusion Detection and Virtual Private Networking (VPN). These features along with Firewall protect businesses. A Network Infrastructure and Client Server Architecture improve business.

Mobile Network in the Workplace

Commercial businesses with multiple locations require a plan. Each location needs a stable and secure connection. A Secure VPN is a secure and reliable method to connect. Users utilize laptops, smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices ensure true remote connections.

In conclusion, desktop users have access to functions like Email and Calendar access. They can work remote as though they were in office. Smart Mobile Phones and Tablets are commonplace in business. Each device has its own set of features and benefits.  We invite you to get in contact with our team to discuss your Mobile Network needs.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it. — Thomas Edison, Co-Founder of General Electric


…Very Knowledgeable and professional. Broad experience, creative problem solver and very professional. I highly recommend.

A. Curry


I have received consulting from SolveIT Bahamas regarding IT matters for several years. Always the consummate professional and offers economical solutions. I highly recommend their expertise and service.

C. Humes

I needed assistance with my budding business and needed it to reflect each aspect of my product. In ways that surprised me SolveIT connected with my vision and executed perfectly. In the process, I received much needed advice on crafting and branding and marketing all in one shot. The initial consultation was very informative, the follow through and process communication impressive and project time markers were kept and often superseded – I am not sure they sleep on their end but SolveIT made a great impression on me!

K. Pratt


Meta Mindsets

Knowledgeable, efficient and gets the job done. SolveIT was exactly what our company needed and we continue to work together as we meet the needs of our customers.

L. Russell

Marketing Manager

The Mailboat Company Limited

These guys are the best ever, my business is doing much better because of SolveIT. I really appreciate how great they treated me. If you’re looking for a great consultant, look no further.

N. Herious


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Information technology (IT) firms yesterday said their will “heavily stress” the importance of business resiliency to every client once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Philip Darville, SolveIT B

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