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Network Infrastructure

The Core Framework Which Drives Data Processing

Google’s current Jupiter network, has 100x more capacity than its first generation network from 10 years ago and can deliver a stunning 1 petabit/sec of total bisection bandwidth.

Small to midsized businesses have not taken advantage of the modernization in the Information Technology sector.  Their network infrastructure must factor in connectivity from different hardware platforms.

SolveIT Bahamas - Network Infrastructure

Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones enable the smallest business the ability to capitalize on the changes in technology.

Network Infrastructure Flexibility

Whether you need a few computers connected or you’re looking for an entire networking plan which allows for growth and expansion, SolveIT Bahamas can provide a complete network infrastructure for your business.  Our networking solutions can be tailored with many flexible options so you can remain competitive.  We also design and build the network that will change with your needs and growth incorporating Structured Network Cabling Solutions or Wireless Network.  We can deploy these tailored solutions in large residential properties, gated communities, condominiums and commercial businesses of all sizes.

Proper network installation is best left to the professionals. Although the average businessperson is more tech-savvy today than in the past and can probably easily configure a Linksys or Cisco home router, however, it takes vast experience and well trained IT professionals to successfully install an intricate enterprise network.

We are knowledgeable on the latest technology, products and industry standard IT Services best practices. We have over twenty years of experience with a variety of technology and networks and have extensive certifications.

When you hire us, we understand certain industry standards and are certified and/or knowledgeable in most technologies including Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and Linux.  From operating systems on Computers & Servers to operating kernels on Routers, Switches and Network Appliances, we’ve got your Network Infrastructure covered.

Besides our Network Infrastructure Services, we offer expert assistance to businesses in The Bahamas, The Caribbean and North America specializing in Information TechnologyConsultingWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentDesign and Marketing.Contact us to schedule a consultation session today to discuss your network installation requirements

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Since 2008, we’ve helped a lot of clients improve the way they do business.  Every client is different and every solution is even more interesting.  In the end, we provide unique expertise to boost productivity, improve brand positioning and grow business.  Browse some of our previous design projects or view our entire Portfolio.