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Social Media Strategy

Developing Innovative Concepts To Drive Attention To Your Brand

Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence. – Sean Gardner

SolveIT Bahamas - Social Media Strategy

Businesses understand what is being said about their brand and who is saying it, you can begin to devise strategies to engage and influence that audience.  At SolveIT Bahamas, we develop your Social Media Strategy from the ground up including Social Media Optimization for current businesses already on Social Media to complete development for businesses who want to launch their brand.  We specialize in everything from Design to Development and even Social Media Monitoring.

How Can A Social Media Strategy Work ?

Whether you want to target specific customer-types through their interests or demographics, social media can amplify brand awareness and increase website traffic.  The key is to attract new potential customers, build customers or prospect engagement with newer clients.

A strategy is intended to take your digital marketing efforts to a new level.  Once we establish your target audience, we analyze which messages will connect with them and which social media platforms are most likely to reach that defined audience.  Next, we help you create a content strategy across all of the platforms and focus on engagement.  A strategy must balance the right promotional content with content that is highly useful and relevant to your audience.   We understand that no one will follow your social channels if they are just an advertising outlet for your products or services.  Therefore, we help you create relevant social media content and engagement which your audience finds interesting to develop an effective Social Media Strategy.


Besides our Social Media Strategy Development Services, we offer expert assistance to businesses in The Bahamas, The Caribbean and North America specializing in Business Consulting, Web Design, Website Development, Design, Branding and Marketing. Contact us to schedule a consultation session today.

Recent Work

Since 2008, we’ve helped a lot of clients improve the way they do business.  Every client is different and every solution is even more interesting.  In the end, we provide unique expertise to boost productivity, improve brand positioning and grow business.  Browse some of our previous design projects or view our entire Portfolio.