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Social Media Optimization

Maximizing Your Brand’s Reach Through Social Engagement

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising. – Mark Zuckerberg

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand or event.

SolveIT Bahamas - Social Media Optimization

Business is increasingly modern and directly linked to Social Media.  Each business has a digital footprint on the internet, as a result there is significant opportunity to increase awareness to their business using Social Media Optimization.

Social Networks help businesses grow by enhancing their digital presence through social networking, link building and online referrals.  As a result, businesses need an effective social media strategy.  This tremendously impacts your online reputation, generates business leads and helps businesses directly engage with consumers.

Importance of Social Media Optimization

Social networks and their growing importance to business is increasingly evident.  At SolveIT Bahamas, we understand how to connect your branding, web design and rich content with consumers waiting to engage with your business on social media.

This aspect of optimization deals with enhancing your company’s presence and online reputation through interactive communities—not just Facebook and Twitter, but also blogs, forums, and anywhere your business is mentioned or linked to socially.

Working with SMO can help you strengthen your brand and boost visibility, as well as generate leads and increase sales. Optimizing your social media builds both familiarity with and trust for your business, because consumers will see you not only mentioned, but recommended by others.

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