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eCommerce Website

Online Shopping Has Changed The Way Businesses Interact With Customers

Because of the increased use of social media on smartphones and social media’s involvement in retail sales, “social selling” has become red hot. Anyone hoping to improve their online sales success must take advantage of emerging trends.”- Eddie Machaalani

For clients who are considering creating an online shop for their business, we offer expert advice and great ecommerce website solutions.

SolveIT Bahamas - eCommerce Website

An effective web store solution will help your business showcase your products and services to potential clients from all over the globe.  They can freely browse your products, obtain detailed information on them and add them to a virtual shopping cart where they can purchase easily.

Using the most proven yet cost effective methods available, SolveIT Bahamas provides ecommerce solutions which are customized to maximize usability, functionality and design for store owners all over the world.  We work on projects local and international and would be happy to help.

Our eCommerce Website Solutions

Online store solutions are designed based on a proper understanding of our client’s business.  We usually recommend our Business Consulting services to properly understand any existing operating challenges as well as understanding the best strategy to take your business online.  Our job is to analyze these business requirements and create an online store which provides the features and options that customers will enjoy during their online shopping experience.

Digital storefronts or web shops enable business owners with a platform to grow sales and be more accessible to the general public.
To be successful at online commerce, each business requires a modern Web Design with quality Web Development.  A strong Social Media presence would also be advantageous to help spread the message about your business.

Online Shopping integrates with your business operations and generally improves customer service and sales processing.  Custom online shop and web store platforms are dynamic, reliable and user friendly.  They promote customer retention and conversion.  We also provide the best technology to receive and process orders, enabling ecommerce store owners to do business with customers easily.

International customers can conveniently make purchases with PayPal or secured Credit Cards.  We offer modern ecommerce support on the cutting edge of business technology.  Online shopping websites grow according to your business needs, and will continue to be supported into the future.  To help with your search engine rankings, we also offer quality SEO campaigns to boost exactly where you appear on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

We provide proper planning and deploy custom ecommerce website solutions.  Additionally, we also implement proven open source solutions such as WooCommerce, osCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop and more for your web store.

We ensure that Web Security is of utmost importance by creating ecommerce websites with SSL encryption and secure coding.  We design your ecommerce site to accommodate additional requirements, features and functionality needs that may arise.

Besides our eCommerce Website Services, we offer expert assistance to businesses in The Bahamas, The Caribbean and North America specializing in Information TechnologyBusiness ConsultingWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentDesign and Marketing. Contact us to schedule a consultation session today to discover how online commerce can benefit your business.

Recent Work

Since 2008, we’ve helped a lot of clients improve the way they do business.  Every client is different and every solution is even more interesting.  In the end, we provide unique expertise to boost productivity, improve brand positioning and grow business.  Browse some of our previous design projects or view our entire Portfolio.