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Building the security necessary for your company’s data should never be an afterthought, it should always be in your thoughts.

Hacking is exploiting security controls either in a technical, physical or a human-based element. – Kevin Mitnick

The Internet is an integral part of everyday life, from both a recreational and business perspective.  Important customer data and web services are constantly exposed to Hacking on a daily basis.

SolveIT Bahamas - Hacking

The increased reliance on internet based services make it an ideal target for professional hackers seeking financial gain.  Many computer systems are exposed to the internet with the average business neglecting to implement the adequate counter measures to minimize threats.  Once they discover where an opportunity may exist, the next step is to identify how deep they can penetrate your systems.

At SolveIT Bahamas, we utilize the best industry tools to identify risks in business networks and websites while implementing the necessary Web Security to mitigate risks.  We scan computers, routers, servers and websites to discover vulnerabilities which hackers target.

Hacking Attacks & Possible Effects on Corporate Brand

Hacking attacks can be detrimental individuals and businesses alike.  These effects vary according to the method the attacker employs as well as their intended target.

On web enabled services, vulnerabilities can be targeted by Hackers to exploit Cross-Site Scripting, Database Injections, Remote File Execution, Denial of Service and many more.  Once access is gained by the hackers, they can escalate their attacks to further exploit the company’s computers, servers and data therein.

Many users need to be aware of the malicious software or Malware that infects computers which could eventually lead to one’s password being compromised.  These credentials can be used to gain access all over the company’s network, servers and even websites where possible.

Additionally, it is extremely important to ensure that all desktop computers and servers are updated to minimize external hacking through loopholes in software.  These spam or malicious files can easily infiltrate visitors and spread quickly through emails or social media platforms.

For businesses who are on the internet, Cyber Security is critical on many levels.  Understanding your present level of vulnerability requires a comprehensive IT Assessment.  Once a website has been compromised, a user’s passwords, personal data and history can be exposed which easily results in credit card fraud or identity theft.  The immediate threat to brand reputation and customer loyalty cannot be ignored.

Our services ensure that your systems are configured at optimal levels and there are no loopholes in security.

Besides our Hacking Prevention Services, we offer expert assistance to businesses in The Bahamas, The Caribbean and North America specializing in Information TechnologyBusiness ConsultingWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentDesign and Marketing. Contact us to schedule a consultation session today on effective Hacking Protection in Business Environments.

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