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Disaster Recovery Plan

Can your business withstand an operational disaster ?

It is essential that you always back up your important information and have a plan for recovering from a system failure. – MIT Information Services & Technology

For a business to function in today’s world, a Disaster Recovery Plan is not optional – it is an absolute necessity.

SolveIT Bahamas - Disaster Recovery Plan

Gartner surveys show that “One in three businesses will experience a disaster at some point, and of those that do, fewer than ten percent of those without a tested disaster recovery plan will be in business two years after the event.”

At SolveIT Bahamas, we are certified Disaster Recover Planning Specialists by the Disaster Recovery Institute headquartered in New York City.  Disaster Preparedness Management is critical to the success of your IT Planning policies.

All disaster recovery solutions are not created equal.  We use innovative technologies and proven, tested, real-world expertise to create a disaster recovery plan.  Our plans are customizable for small, medium or enterprise businesses. We provide simplified, cost-effective disaster recovery solutions that ensure the continued functionality of your business and operations.

Is A Disaster Recovery Plan Necessary ?

Disaster Recovery Planning can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Our first priority is to perform a disaster recovery assessment via a comprehensive business audit which is performed to detect procedural and business vulnerabilities impacting the business.  Additionally, we focus heavily on data recovery, availability and redundancy.

At some point, every business is faced with data loss due to anything from user error to Malware, Computer Virus to natural disasters. You simply cannot afford to lose the business-critical information which your company thrives on.

Companies which experience extensive data loss find it challenging to survive and your business is no exception.  The documents and communications within your computer are not completely safe even after hitting the “save” button.  Data is easily subject to hardware level failure making your important information inaccessible and worthless.

We ensure your entire infrastructure is as safe and fail proof as possible and also recommend additional solutions which can provide an additional layer of security such as data or server mirroring, redundant data storage and network architecture overhaul.  Remember, a business is only as successful as the integrity of it’s critical data and business processes.

Besides our Disaster Recovery Planning Services, we offer expert assistance to businesses in The Bahamas, The Caribbean and North America specializing in Information TechnologyBusiness ConsultingWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentDesign and Marketing. Contact us to schedule a consultation session today and learn how our expertise in contingency planning can assist your business during crisis situations.

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