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Disaster Preparedness Management

Preparedness is not a luxury, it is a cost of doing business

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy. – Max Mayfield, Director National Hurricane Center

An organization’s ability to implement Disaster Preparedness is equally as important as it’s ability to manage a disaster.

SolveIT Bahamas - Disaster Preparedness Management

At SolveIT Bahamas, we are certified Disaster Recovery Planning Specialists and specialize in Business Contingency Planning.  We are active members of the Disaster Recovery Institute (New York City) and recommend that all businesses implement a Disaster Preparedness Management program.

Emergency operations planning begins well in advance of an actual emergency. It requires organization, training and maintenance within a company.  It is important to understand that we have been certified in developing and conducting assessments for businesses of any size.

We document the current risks of a business in the event of disaster and put measures in place to protect it.  Our goal is to gather qualitative and quantitative information when we perform an assessment.

How does an assessment help Disaster Preparedness Management ?

A capabilities assessment will help determine your company’s state of readiness.  Every emergency requires resources such as personnel, supplies and equipment.  Most companies simply fail to estimate the amount of resources required as well as identify the necessary internal resources based on severity and interdependence.  These businesses often leave these tasks unfinished, wait until a threat is imminent or simply ignore them completely.

We strongly believe in training and beta-testing to ensure emergency plans are workable.  Additionally, all associated individuals in the company must be fully comfortable with all details of the emergency plan.

It is essential that key stakeholders within the organization be trained effectively to be called upon during an emergency.  In most cases, skills will need to be refreshed or refined and all new employees require an introduction to the company’s emergency planning program.

Business Continuity Planning or Contingency Planning requires the proper internal policies and protocols.  These policies and protocols guide decision makers when faced with emergency situations and prompt effective execution.

The proper emergency response procedures and alert notification practices must be established internally.  During an emergency, both employees and clients must be comfortable within a safe environment with minimal service interruption.

Once a disaster is imminent, the Disaster Recovery Plan is activated.  Emergency operations planning will have identified priorities,  clarified roles and the resources assigned to them.  All required resources and documented contingencies will be applied.

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