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Vinyl One Way Window Film – Koshare Workspace

Vinyl One Way Window Film – Koshare Workspace

Project Type:  Perforated One Way Window Film Design & Print
Application:  Retail Door Entrance Window Graphics
Size:  Vector Format AI EPS – 31″ W x 72″ H

Project Brief

We designed, printed and installed the exterior perforated Vinyl One Way Window Film for the primary entrance door at KoShare WorkSpace.  We utilized vector logo design, bold typeface, vibrant color scheme and design elements to create this amazing visual.

Our design showcases the brand as well as detail important company information.  The color palette and strong visuals further highlight company branding as seen below.

The window films are perfect for advertising as well as providing security as they are visible only from the Inside View looking to the outside.

Koshare Workspace - Vinyl One Way Window Film

Interior View Close Up

Perforated One Way Window Film - Inside View


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