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Print Ad Design - Premier Auto Company Limited

Print Ad Design – Premier Auto Company Limited

Print Ad Design for Premier Auto Limited created by SolveIT Bahamas

Project Type: Graphic Design
Application: Print, Television, Social Media Fan Page Art
Size: Half Page Rate (The Tribune Newspaper)

Project Brief

SolveIT was contracted by Premier Auto Limited in Nassau, Bahamas to design an ad for their luxury auto dealership utilizing the same design concept for print, television commercial graphics and social media.

The client provided us with basic content and allowed us to create the visuals for the ad.  We were responsible for layout, graphic design, images and design elements. We provided initial concept and retouched where necessary to submit the final mockup. Our concept was perfect leaving the client extremely satisfied. This print ad was featured on ZNS Bahamas Television 13, print flyers and used in their socia media campaign.

Print Ad Design - Premier Auto Company Limited

Print Ad Design – Camari Magazine

Print Ad Design Created to display in Camari Magazine by SolveIT Bahamas

Project Type:  Print Ad Design
Application:  Magazine Print
Size:  8.5 x 11 (Letter Size)

Project Brief

We created this graphic print ad design as an advertising insert in Camari Magazine.  It was designed to bring attention to our company’s range of technology and business consulting services in Nassau, Bahamas.

We created a vibrant design with a modern layout and immediately connected with many small and medium businesses in retail and service oriented industries.  We created all visuals, content, graphic design and design elements.

SolveIT Bahamas - Print Ad Design

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