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Importance of Graphic Design for Business

Many entrepreneurs often ignore the importance of Graphic Design in traditional business.  Of course, we understand the day to day challenges which most businesses face including management, staffing and logistics.  One of the primary keys to maintaining a successful business is understanding the importance of graphic design in your marketing efforts.

Design goes beyond just visual appeal or aesthetics.  It helps your business to connect your clients with your products or services and connect with an audience.  An effective design will encourage individuals to interact with the message while getting familiar with key elements of your graphic design.  It also allows individuals to recognize your brand, logo and message with strong communications.

The importance of graphic design begins with fundamental steps, recognition and identification.  All customers want more value in their interactions with most businesses.  Effective design provides them with an ability to learn more about the products and services your business is showcasing.  Businesses want decisive customers, design provides the opportunity to stimulate interest and increase the opportunity for success.

Our infographic provides a summary of the impact of graphic design for business and addresses which key elements are affected in relation to your business.

Importance of Graphic Design

Importance of Graphic Design for Business

The importance of graphic design covers the entire customer experience and makes a meaningful impact in the customer acquisition phase.  Failure to recognize the importance of this phase can negatively impact overall business perception.  From clients, vendors and even staff take special interest in how your overall brand is reflected in the marketplace.

If you are looking to revamp your marketing campaign with amazing graphic design or not satisfied with your present graphic designer, contact us for creative services which make a difference.



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5 Key eCommerce Website Requirements

Common eCommerce Website Requirements can vary based on industry and application.  But the greatest concern for online consumers is the level of online security when doing business on your website.  If you have a traditional physical store and want to extend your sales channels then launching an online business is your best option.

Online shoppers must be confident that their transactions and credit card details are processed in a secure fashion.  Once satisfied, this goes a long way in building trust and improving sales.

When it comes to setting up a business, there are a lot of obstacles you’ll come across. Even if you feel you’ve got everything covered, it’s likely there will be something you’ve forgotten to consider and sometimes it’s the smallest factors that make the biggest obstructions.

eCommerce Website Requirements

In this infographic, we highlight the 5 Key eCommerce Website Requirements which most traditional brick and mortar businesses should pay attention to:

5 Key eCommerce Website Requirements

If your business is considering a shift to the online space, every project begins with an understanding of your present Information Technology framework.  As soon as we have completed a proper IT Assessment, we move to the Business Analysis phase which requires concise Business Consulting sessions to help you match your plans with real world scenarios.

Our Web Design Services help to effectively convey your brand using modern design.  Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.  In business,  Brand Development is key in assisting companies strengthen their digital footprint and connect all available channels especially social media.  Launching an online storefront will require an effective Marketing campaign to get your target consumers visiting your eCommerce Website and eventually buying your goods or services.

If you are looking to stand out from the competition while improving your overall sales, follow these eCommerce Website Requirements and contact us for expert assistance to help take your business online.



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Consulting Services To Crush Your Competition

Entrepreneurs often consider hiring consulting services but are skeptical based on several reasons.  Some business owners are reluctant to allow someone from the outside close to their business while others simply do not want to take advice.  Our role as business consultants is to support entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals while improving their ability to compete.

Our goal is to ensure your future success by not only identifying the problems in your business but also providing relevant solutions and potential new opportunities.  A fundamental belief we share to our clients is that in order to make advances in the right direction, an organization needs to maintain a balance between the advancements in technology and its business strategy.  Businesses need to continuously reinvent themselves in competitive environments.

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided. – Tony Robbins

5 Top Areas for Consulting Services

Here are some key areas where external services can make an immediate impact in your business:

1.  Web Design Services

2.  Business Launch or Start Up

3. Brand Development

4. Marketing

5. Information Technology

SolveIT Bahamas - Business Consulting

Our expertise provides a level of knowledge which may not be available in house.  Our role is to assist your staff in executing tasks and improve the efficiency of business operations.  Entrepreneurs and key decision makers gain significant value in utilizing consulting services.  Most businesses are run by entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas but have challenges in execution.  Our consulting services help to streamline the business processes to help the business run more efficiently.

By utilizing our consulting services, businesses increase their value without necessarily making an investment in hiring full time resources.  For startups, our services provide direction and helps to formulate business plans that include all business parameters and future projections.  For medium or large companies facing challenges in particular areas of growth, our business consultants often provide a fresh perspective on how to solve the problems or change the way a company approaches a particular problem.

We provide a unique service which is tailored to your respective industry and business environment.  If you are looking to make an impact on your business, contact us to explore your options and get a head start on the competition.



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5 Business Social Media Tips For Entrepreneurs

The first mistake in business is not understanding the landscape as an entrepreneur but our Social Media Tips are a great help.Many entrepreneurs make the mistake and ignore the value of their social media presence.  Others make the mistake of hiring someone who will make a couple posts per day and expect to see the sales come flying through the door.  That is why most businesses are failing at effective social media management.

The dynamics of business has changed from traditional methods of acquiring customers to developing a unique social media strategy to complement your marketing plan.  Social Media has introduced additional revenue channels which brick and mortar businesses were unable to take advantage of years ago.

In most cases, there is a good chance that businesses will never reap the full benefits which social media marketing can offer your business.  Entrepreneurs who are able to recognize the impact can get a positive return on investment from social media.  The 5 Business Social Media Tips For Entrepreneurs below can provide a significant chance for growth within your business.

Social Media Tips

1.  Educate Your Audience

business social media tips educate

Keeping your audience updated on industry news is a great way to establish loyalty.  People appreciate updates which provide value to their lives.  Post regularly about how your products or services may help them or provide examples of how it was of benefit to other customers.  This will help to gain trust within your social audience.

2.  Create Conversation

business social media tips conversation
Many entrepreneurs miss out on engaging in quality conversation with customers on social media.  The opportunity to communicate on a one-to-one level in advance is priceless.  Your digital footprint is further strengthened by mentions, direct messages and comments which improve your brand’s social density.  Not sure what to discuss?  Post a product, maybe a best seller or an item which is presently on sale and use this opportunity to talk to your audience.  Find out what’s trending for them, the things they care about, and the things they value most especially in relation to your business.

3.  Be Responsive

business social media tips responsive
One of our key Social Media Tips is to be sure to quickly respond to a current or potential customer via your social media channels.  This makes a great impression and demonstrates your willingness to be attentive and shows interest in their problems, needs and desires.  Additionally, a fast response might easily result in a quicker sales as consumers are often already prepared to make a purchase prior to contacting you.

4.  Post Daily

business social media tips post daily
Establishing a content strategy must strike a balance on various social networks.  You must remind your audience of your brand but also be sure to understand their usage patterns on different networks.  You must post consistently but simply cannot make the mistake of flooding your social media feeds with content.  Stay within the norm on all platforms, two or three times a day is acceptable for any platform.

Have Fun

business social media tips have fun
One of the easiest ways to establish a relationship is to make them comfortable.  Using social media as a business is all about engaging and building a connection.  Try not to be so robotic in your approach to social media, our Social Media Tips help you to connect with your audience on a human level with a fun personality.  Make your brand memorable and increase the chances of your audience sharing your message within their social network.  Humor and creativity are ways of capturing social traffic with other potential visitors.  Be sure that your approach is in line with your brand identity and what you represent as a business.

If you are looking to strengthen your positioning on Social Media or need an effective social media page design, contact us to explore your options to improve your social relevance.


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The Impact of Bad Web Design

Today’s consumers are more demanding and crave a chance to interact with a business outside of regular business hours.  Your website is usually their primary starting point.  An effective website design is essential to capturing the immediate interest of your online visitors.  The Impact of Bad Web Design which lack visual appeal and in many cases poor functionality can be detrimental to a business.

Imagine a scenario which happens every day, a very interested potential customer visits your website to find out more information about your company.  They want to learn more about your business but once on your website, they become less interested and lack the confidence that your company can actually help them.  Bad Web Design did just the opposite.  It helped to create doubt, uncertainty and provided them with a general feeling of uneasiness about your business.  In consulting with startups, we constantly stress the impact of web design and how important a strong business logo design is for brand representation.

Bad Web Design Case Study

Penny Juice is a perfect example of bad web design from color palette to layout.  No you haven’t gone back in time to the days of Microsoft Frontpage…this website is online and doing business in the United States.

Bad Web Design Case Study

Outdated designs and layouts are still in use by many entrepreneurs who fail to understand the importance of an effective digital platform. The advances in technology from browser capability to amazing new trends in HTML, CSS and JavaScript create unique, satisfying, web experiences for online visitors.

First Impressions of Bad Web Design

You have exactly 10 seconds to make an impression.  Online visitors decide in that matter of time whether to stay on your site or leave to search for another company.

Bad Web Design

In those 10 seconds, most users have decided whether they’ll stay on your website or leave.  Considering that their first contact is through a website, it is essential that these users have a positive web experience.  If the homepage of your website especially has bad web design, it doesn’t matter how great the remainder of your site is because the initial impression is negative.

According to recent usability surveys, over 70 percent of people claim they wouldn’t buy from or use a poorly designed website.  Entrepreneurs must understand that a bad website not only fails to help but is doing more to limit your overall growth potential.  A well designed website can be your greatest asset.  It functions as a 24 hour salesperson, marketing your business to a global audience and generating new business.


Entrepreneurs should focus on website designs which are customer-focused and remove one’s personal color preferences from the website.  Brand and customer retention should be always be primary.  Here are just a few recommendations to

1.  Remove All Flash Animations
2.  Navigation Is Key
3.  Use Professional Images
4.  Keep It Simple
5.  Focus On Mobile Audience

If you’re concerned about how your website is representing your business, contact us to explore your options to improve your present web design.



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The Importance Of Business Logo Design

A logo is often the first interaction your business or brand has with potential customers.  The importance of effective Business Logo Design is often ignored for it’s overall value in establishing strong relationships.  Whether your logo design utilizes typography, a graphic symbol or a combination of the two, building a successful brand requires the creation of a strong visual identity.

The use of Logos date back as far as Ancient Times to distinguish dynasties and through the Middle Ages during an era where handmade products included featured a symbol which depicted originality and reliability.

Your logo is how people recognise you, and it helps express how you’re different from your rivals – warmer, greener, stronger, and so on. ― Robert Jones

The psychological implications have not changed much with the use of business logo design being increasingly relevant with established businesses.  Take a look around you and recognize how indispensable Logos have become in business.  From the Golden Arches of McDonald’s to the ‘Swoosh’ symbol of Nike and last but not least Apple.

Logo Basics 

Business Logos are intended to be the official visual representation of a company’s unique identity.  Through a combination of colors, shapes, fonts and images they provide essential information about a company.  This process is an important phase in brand marketing and allows customers the opportunity to identify with a company’s core brand.  The completed business logo design establishes a guide to the company for all future advertising and marketing materials including color palette, fonts and styling for all other business marketing materials.

Key Factors in Business Logo Design

A logo should be unique and help to differentiate your business from the competition.  An effective logo design should follow strong Graphic Design principles and be effective at any size and across various mediums.

Designing a logo isn’t an opportunity for you to utilize every color in a palette, the Graphic Designer must pay particular attention to how the visuals appear in both color and black & white.  Whether it is a logo or Vector Graphics with a hand drawn illustration or caricature, these elements help to convey a message about your brand.  When business owners approach Logo Design, it is extremely important to consider how their logos will communicate an image that will attract their target audience while standing out from the competition.

Underspending Where It Matters

A professional logo implies a degree of reliability which draws potential new clients toward selecting the business versus competitors with substandard logos.  Many businesses fail to put the necessary attention in Logo & Brand Development and also fail to understand that consumers grow to know and associate a logo with a specific brand.  Additionally, they are more likely to interact positively in future encounters with a familiar logo.  This can easily lead to increased sales or expanded digital footprint as these consumers are more than likely to share your company’s message within their social network.  Individuals who fail to invest in quality Logo Design will subtly communicate a message of an inferior product or substandard quality to customers.

Common Mistakes

Many small business owners approach business without provisions for an effective Marketing strategy.  Key elements during the startup phase including Business Logo Design, Web Design, and Business Cards are neglected or poorly conceived because of low budget allocations.  These marketing elements are equally as important as a Business Plan in developing a business solution.


Whether your business has never had a logo before or the current one is not up to par, we can help to develop a strong brand for your existing business.  We sit with you and get a thorough understanding of what your vision is and what it should communicate.  We give the expert advice to help your business stand out from a crowded landscape.  In brand development, we remind our clients that Logo Design is ultimately for your customers, not for you.  We develop a brand solution which isn’t based on your personal style but ultimately what your professional message is saying to the intended target audience.  To find out more information, we invite you to Contact Us or use the Book Our Services below.  We look forward to creating a solution you would be proud of in your business.



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10 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur Stuck As An Employee

Have you ever sat down and thought that you were indeed an Entrepreneur Stuck As An Employee?  Of course you have and most likely did this while at your workplace…thinking about the possibilities of entrepreneurship.  Every entrepreneur at one point in their life had that same thought and probably experienced the same level of frustration you did as an employee.  The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can make it happen on your own initiative.

In many cases, the company or organization you are employed at may not have an opportunity for you to expand your career path or have not demonstrated any interest in advancing your opportunities.  Every beginning starts with an effective Business Plan.  We have met many businesses who failed to put the necessary framework in place prior to their Business Launch and faced tremendous struggles in evolving the business model.

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. — Peter F. Drucker

Here are our Top 10 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur Stuck As An Employee

1.  Desire for a greater challenge

Employees often don’t want to do the same job for decades and quite often are searching for the type of career transition that will bring new opportunities and greater challenges.  If you aren’t satisfied with your current job or the options available to you, you may need to explore what entrepreneurial options are available to you and be willing to take the chance on something brand new.

2.  Started a business on the side 

Many individuals already split their work life between two jobs — a primary job that pays the bills and one that feeds their creative or entrepreneurial side.  Whether they’re producing products or performing services, individuals use this as an opportunity to supplement their fixed salary.  Sometimes, with hard work and a luck, your side business may become profitable enough to replace your day job.  However, launching a business requires more than a little bit of luck.

3.  You are a true dreamer 

Every business begins with a dream.  It is up to you to develop that dream into a vision.   Entrepreneurs demonstrate a passion which in many cases, a 9-to-5 job will probably never offer throughout your career.  The excitement you feel deep down often surpasses the level of excitement you demonstrate on the job and you know that you need be outside of the workplace to achieve greatness.

4.  You don’t need a boss

In fact, you were never meant to have one and find yourself even more frustrated taking orders without just reward.  Are you the type of person who doesn’t need to check in with higher powers or need validation that your work meets an acceptable standard?  Of course not, you prefer to oversee your own work, business and life in the path you choose.

5.  You seek independence 

Your biggest priority is seeking a level of personal independence to allow you do what you want when you want to do it.  You have a steady cache of ideas to pursue, products and services to create or offer and a vision of an entrepreneurial lifestyle which can facilitate your dreams.  An entrepreneur stuck on a 9-to-5 job seeks freedom from the mundane tasks associated with employment.

6.  Boredom is driving you to drink 

You are beyond bored at work, you are not challenged and you feel that you’re just going through the motions while at work.  Many businesses fail to keep staff motivated and employees can easily become bored on a 9-to-5 job.  So instead of being productive, individuals often feel it wastes your time and creative genius on a job.  Let’s not talk about the structure of the workplace, the meetings and dealing with the office informant.  The boredom drives you to drink and you want an opportunity to do your own important work.

7.  Your salary is stuck on stupid

You realize that your level of compensation is not matching your production value to the organization.  You consider leaving to find new employment to improve your overall benefits but deep down, you realize that you will never be able to achieve true entrepreneurship while working a 9-to-5 job.

8.  Your job is nothing more than security 

Everyone loves security and your present job may provide just the security you and your family needs.  But does it fulfill your desire to achieve greatness?  At the end of every shift, do you go home feeling accomplished or can’t wait to get back in the next day?  As you sit down and evaluate these questions, you probably have some doubt about the value of security versus the importance of opportunity.

9.  You are awesome at multitasking

Besides having an uncanny ability to focus, you are simply amazing at moving in multiple directions at once.  The art of multitasking is a gift which many entrepreneurial business owners excel at in order to balance building a successful business and life.  This high level of energy can lead to amazing accomplishments and help convince you that you are indeed an entrepreneur stuck as an employee.

10.  You are committed to turning an awesome idea into a business

Most people with ideas don’t build businesses and make the mistake of hoarding ideas towards the future.  We tell countless amounts of individuals that while you are thinking about an idea…there is an entrepreneur out there bring that idea to fruition.  The biggest mistake you make is not focusing in on the idea which brings the most passion out of you while simultaneously provides the most value to your potential consumers.

What’s Next?

If you answered yes to most of these questions and have been feeling this way about your 9-to-5 job, then it can be a sign that you’re an entrepreneur stuck as an employee and ready for something new.  A sign to begin evaluating the prospects of entrepreneurship and begin building a framework for the future.  Taking a step in a direction which you never thought possible is easily the best first steps you could take on the road to entrepreneurship.

Our consulting services are a tremendous benefit to individuals who may be considering ditching the 9-to-5 routine to become self-employed.  Many people like yourself, often ignore the idea of entrepreneurship and instead try to fix their frustrations with a temporary bandaid.  Don’t be that entrepreneur stuck as an employee.  Get in touch with us today and take action.  Our approach stresses the need to develop a strategy to guide their transition from employee to entrepreneur and helps fill all the gaps along the way.



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5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate sign of individual accomplishment.  Achieving success can be quite difficult and in most cases, there are common mistakes entrepreneurs make during the startup or early business launch phase which possibly extend throughout the life of the business.

Entrepreneurs are easily faced with a tremendous workload, sacrifice and commitment which differentiates that individual as an employee or as an employer.  Regardless of your business type, it is extremely important that you understand some of the challenges that tend to plague so many business owners today.  In our years of consulting with businesses of all sizes, we have identified these as the biggest mistakes that any business owner can make.


1.   Timetable Your Expectations

Everyone wants to be a millionaire literally in the first 5 minutes of business.  The cold reality is that if you are expecting success right away from your business, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  There is nothing wrong with being a confident entrepreneur but you simply shouldn’t expect these results right away.  The truth is it takes a tremendous amount of time to grow a business and an even longer time to make money from a business.

You need to be realistic about your expectations and try to be patient.  One of the many reasons that so many businesses fail during the early phase of business is because entrepreneurs expect they can open their doors on Monday and just like that they will start making money by Friday.  Many times these companies go out of business because the entrepreneur can’t afford to pay the rent anymore and estimated an anticipated revenue which would cover their expenses.  Effective Business Planning is critical to the lifeline of a business and allows the entrepreneur to establish a realistic timetable which includes proper financial planning to have a cushion to fall back on.

2.  Ignoring The Need For Outside Help

The ultimate sign of a good entrepreneur is one who knows how to delegate where necessary, plain and simple.  When you try to do everything yourself in your business, you are only setting yourself up for failure.  Entrepreneurs need to recognize where they lack the necessary skills and accept the reality that you should rely on professional services.  Many times we meet with potential clients and immediately get an understanding about the structure of a company through conversation.  Failing to hire others to take care of some of the tasks puts an unnecessary burden and results in common mistakes entrepreneurs make when often times they simply cannot handle it on their own.

The ability to effectively delegate will allow you to make better use of your time and allow you to focus on doing the best work possible in your business.  We have found that in many cases where entrepreneurs attempt to do everything, there is a tremendous opportunity for increased stress or burnout and it draws focus away from the tasks that actually need your expertise and attention.  Be the best entrepreneur you can be, but leave the Social Media Marketing or Graphic Design to industry experts like us.

3.  Failing To Evolve

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s dynamic marketplace, then you absolutely need to be able to adapt.  Business is constantly evolving and if you as an entrepreneur are not adjusting your approach, then you are more likely failing to diversify.  You are putting all of your eggs in one basket, is a common expression which often reflects the mistakes entrepreneurs make in business.

4.  Ignoring Technology

While it may be super awesome that you’re trying to run your business using Microsoft Excel, the reality is it is a disaster waiting to happen.  Modern business requires a more sophisticated approach in an environment where the entrepreneur can make informed decisions based on real time reports.

We walk into a business and see traditional cash registers and immediately get sick to the stomach.  An entrepreneur often retorts ‘Well it works for me,’ which makes us realize that their approach has limited their growth in business.  Information Technology must be at the foundation of your business with a goal to streamline business processes, improve productivity and provide a summary to key decision makers.  Not having effective business reports are common mistakes entrepreneurs make, your business operations has a vault of information which you need to access daily, weekly and monthly.

5.  No Website…No Big Deal

While it may be super awesome that you’re trying to run your business on word of mouth, there is a huge interweb out there which you’re failing to capitalize on.  Business is no longer just local, it’s global and there are customers waiting to find a business just like yours to get the necessary product or service.

There are so many traditional industries that think they don’t need the Internet or a website.  In a related article, we tell the 10 Reasons Why Small Business Websites Are Important and helps business owners understand that potential customers are on the internet.  Any business that wants to be successful needs to be where their customers are and position themselves to be able to get a face-to-face with these prospective clients.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for ways to increase your target market, then you need to use the internet and social media to achieve it.  Consider our Digital Marketing services if you are looking for ways to expand your present customer base or our Business Consulting services if you too want to avoid mistakes entrepreneurs make.



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10 Reasons Why Small Business Websites Are Important

In years of professional consulting, the question many small and medium entrepreneurs often ask is ‘Are Small Business Websites Important?’

ABSOLUTELY!  We are living in a very modern and connected era which enables many small businesses with the opportunity to put their professional feet forward and compete with bigger businesses. And it all begins with small business websites as the nucleus of your overall brand strategy.

If you are a traditional brick-and-mortar business model, you’re probably on the fence about whether implementing a small business website is a good decision.  Then now is an excellent time to consider how our Web Design and Web Development services could impact your business.

In this article, we hope to change your opinions and objections about business websites and help you to position your small business for success. Here are ten reasons why small business websites are important to a growing company.


Today, more and more consumers use the internet to find businesses, search for products or services they need.  Your small business will immediately gain credibility by having a website. Otherwise, potential customers will go to your competitors that do. The professional image associated with a website will more than often inspire even greater confidence in the consumer.  For home-based businesses, this is especially important since you do not have a physical storefront to promote your products or services.


With almost 4 Billion Google searches occurring each day, your customer could be seconds away from finding you online and patronizing your business.  Small Business websites allow potential customers to access your business and learn about your offerings.


A business website is your online brochure or sales catalog.  Imagine being able to easily and quickly inform potential customers about new products, upcoming events, special promotions, or any new services you now offer.  You simply are not afforded this luxury when dealing with print ads which can easily become outdated compared to information on your website.


A website is available 24/7/365 to current and potential customers and if designed properly, provides customers with the ability to browse your products and services when your store or office is closed.  This is a tremendous luxury in business because business does not end when your physical storefront closes.  This is a great selling point when making a purchase decision.


A business website can help brick-and-mortar companies looking to expand to a larger market by providing them with the ability to market your products or services internationally.  This can help to grow your business and revenue exponentially.


Providing information to your customers takes time, whether it’s on the phone, in person, in a brochure, or through a series of emails. Besides having an online catalogue, you can easily provide direct links to customers via emails, social media posts or facebook fan page messages.  This provides your customer with the necessary information to make an informed decision.  Saving both your company and your customers time is important.


The ability for businesses to relate to their online audience is a game changer in modern business.  Customers do not automatically look to purchase your products or request your services without first connecting with your business.  This is the important phase in building relationships and ensuring that your customers visit your website to understand more about your company.

Consumers are more likely to visit your website and social media pages to learn about your business before they reach out to you.  Replying to emails and social media comments are also great tools which businesses should use to help build trust and personalize your business experience.


Everyone loves new business and new customers, having a website will enable your business to achieve an increase in new customers and new sales leads.  Customers visiting your website are more likely to patronize your business or request your services because they are already actively engaging your brand.


A fundamental need for businesses of all size is to develop a viable marketing strategy.  A website should be a core component within your sales & marketing plans to guide your business to increase sales and generate a growing demand among consumers.


Last but definitely not least, the importance of small business websites should focus on helping your company outperform the competition.  The business landscape is more challenging year by year, are you doing enough to make potential customers consider you instead of the ‘other guy’ around the block?

Unless your business is full everyday, doesn’t want more clients or is focused on only using Facebook to promote business, then we would strongly consider that you modernize your approach to business and consider contacting us to have a candid conversation about how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.


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