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Importance of Graphic Design for Business

Many entrepreneurs often ignore the importance of Graphic Design in traditional business.  Of course, we understand the day to day challenges which most businesses face including management, staffing and logistics.  One of the primary keys to maintaining a successful business is understanding the importance of graphic design in your marketing efforts. Design goes beyond just visual appeal or aesthetics.  It helps your business to connect your clients with your products ... Read More

Key Requirements for Online Business

5 Key eCommerce Website Requirements

Common eCommerce Website Requirements can vary based on industry and application.  But the greatest concern for online consumers is the level of online security when doing business on your website.  If you have a traditional physical store and want to extend your sales channels then launching an online business is your best option. Online shoppers must be confident that their transactions and credit card details are processed in a secure fashion.  Once satisfied, this goes a long way in building trust and improving sales. When it comes ... Read More

Consulting Services To Crush Your Competition

Consulting Services To Crush Your Competition

Entrepreneurs often consider hiring consulting services but are skeptical based on several reasons.  Some business owners are reluctant to allow someone from the outside close to their business while others simply do not want to take advice.  Our role as business consultants is to support entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals while improving their ability to compete. Our goal is to ensure your future success by not only identifying the problems in your business but also providing relevant solutions and potential new opportunities.  A ... Read More

5 business social media tips

5 Business Social Media Tips For Entrepreneurs

The first mistake in business is not understanding the landscape as an entrepreneur but our Social Media Tips are a great help.Many entrepreneurs make the mistake and ignore the value of their social media presence.  Others make the mistake of hiring someone who will make a couple posts per day and expect to see the sales come flying through the door.  That is why most businesses are failing at effective social media management. The dynamics of business has changed from traditional methods of acquiring customers to developing a unique Read More

Impact of Bad Web Design

The Impact of Bad Web Design

Today's consumers are more demanding and crave a chance to interact with a business outside of regular business hours.  Your website is usually their primary starting point.  An effective website design is essential to capturing the immediate interest of your online visitors.  The Impact of Bad Web Design which lack visual appeal and in many cases poor functionality can be detrimental to a business. Imagine a scenario which happens every day, a very interested potential customer visits your website to find out more information about your ... Read More

Importance of Business Logo Design

The Importance Of Business Logo Design

A logo is often the first interaction your business or brand has with potential customers.  The importance of effective Business Logo Design is often ignored for it's overall value in establishing strong relationships.  Whether your logo design utilizes typography, a graphic symbol or a combination of the two, building a successful brand requires the creation of a strong visual identity. The use of Logos date back as far as Ancient Times to distinguish dynasties and through the Middle Ages during an era where handmade products included featured ... Read More

10 signs you are an entrepreneur stuck as an employee

10 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur Stuck As An Employee

Have you ever sat down and thought that you were indeed an Entrepreneur Stuck As An Employee?  Of course you have and most likely did this while at your workplace...thinking about the possibilities of entrepreneurship.  Every entrepreneur at one point in their life had that same thought and probably experienced the same level of frustration you did as an employee.  The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can make it happen on your own initiative. In many cases, the company or organization you are employed at may not have an opportunity ... Read More

5 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make

5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate sign of individual accomplishment.  Achieving success can be quite difficult and in most cases, there are common mistakes entrepreneurs make during the startup or early business launch phase which possibly extend throughout the life of the business. Entrepreneurs are easily faced with a tremendous workload, sacrifice and commitment which differentiates that individual as an employee or as an employer.  Regardless of your business type, it is extremely important that you understand some of the challenges that ... Read More

10 Reasons Why Small Business Websites Are Important

In years of professional consulting, the question many small and medium entrepreneurs often ask is 'Are Small Business Websites Important?' ABSOLUTELY!  We are living in a very modern and connected era which enables many small businesses with the opportunity to put their professional feet forward and compete with bigger businesses. And it all begins with small business websites as the nucleus of your overall brand strategy. If you are a traditional brick-and-mortar business model, you're probably on the fence about whether implementing a ... Read More

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